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Searching for a Passionate, Creative, Results-Oriented Speaker to help your audience to develop their VISION, so that they can SEE far beyond what they are looking at and develop the courage to FOCUS on their dreams and goals until they manifest?  In need of practical, achievable wellness information to enhance the lives of your audience so that they can detox, increase their energy, and create a lifestyle of wellness?  Get ready for Transformational Speaker, Dr.Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker!


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Have you ever read books, listened to CD's, attended seminar after seminar, gathered all of the information that you think you need, and still haven't applied it? Are you tired of going around in circles and self-sabotaging your own efforts? Do you lack the motivation necessary to be consistent? You can accomplish more in 5 days with mentoring and support than you can in 5 years, trying to manifest your vision alone!

“Click Here if you are tired of starting and stopping, talking yourself out of the very thing you desire, and pursuing the same goals year in and year out!”

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 Dr. Toni Hatton

Your Vision & Mindset Expert

Supporting New, Aspiring, & Current Entrepreneurs in Overcoming the Mental Struggles that Hinder Life & Business Success via...  

Mental Healing, Mental Strength, and Mindset Maintenance


Corporate Women with Business Ideas, Stay-at-Home Moms, Leaders, Visionaries, Dreamers, Go-Getters, Risk-Takers, Inventors, Coaches, Pioneers, Trailblazers, Path-Finders, Change Agents, 3-AM'ers, Manifestors, Parents of Blind Children, & People Who Can Hear That Silent Voice Say, "You Are More... Than What You Have Become!" 

Get Ready to Create, Live, & Leave a Legacy That SPEAKS When You No Longer Can!!



Grow Your Life While Growing Your Business!




Attractive Results!


I had the pleasure of meeting a phenomenal woman, Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker, who gave of her time and talent to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs! As a result of my first session, I walked away with a new perspective on how enriched my business and my life could be if I carved out some time to look myself in the eye and ask some serious questions, like "Who am I, really?" and "What do I really want?" I was challenged to take a deep look into my own life. I encourage anyone looking for a way to find out who they really are and what gifts they have that they are supposed to share with the world, to join The Attractive Thinker Movement today and let Dr.Toni Hatton show you how! See you at the next meeting...





Grow Your Life While Growing Your Business!

  Attractive Results!






Grow Your Life While Growing Your Business!


  Attractive Results!


I am so grateful for my complimentary consultation with The Attractive Thinker/Vision & Mindset Expert, Dr. Toni Hatton. No words will adequately express how beautifully she illuminated my circumstances. The same qualities and experiences that seem bleak and unadorned, Dr. Hatton saw as a critical part of the process, God-given tools and talents to be appreciated, & leveraged for my success. In the midst of all of her personal and professional pursuits, Dr. Hatton followed up with me based on a conversation from a year ago, poured into my life and evoked a refreshed mindset.


During this brief encounter I was uplifted, empowered and challenged! I walked away with a plan of action, strategies and resources. And can you believe that she was willing to offer this and so much more for FREE?! I am even more excited about beginning my private coaching program to go deeper within, receive support, and give life to all the ideas and visions that resonate in me.


I implore you to begin your journey on the pursuit of happiness by contacting Dr. Hatton, NOW. She will guide you in seeing yourself and visualizing your future in a way you have never insighted before. Dr. Toni Hatton has an amazing heart, gift and willingness to co-create your personalized plan of success. DON’T THINK JUST DO!!! Ask questions later and contact Dr. Hatton NOW for direction on your next move!!






     Welcome to The Attractive Thinker Movement, where we support New/Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate Women, Stay-at-Home Moms, & Parents of Blind Children who have VISIONS, DREAMS, & GOALS!  Our unique focus is to provide you with the proper Attractive Thinker Tools to support you  in "BECOMING" what you desire to attract, clarifying your vision/purpose, monetizing your ideas, & creating a life of meaning and fulfillment!  Using Self AssessmentSelf Awareness, and Self Development strategies Attractive Thinkers are growing their minds while growing their business!


     I trust that as you read through this website that you will begin to see beyond what you are looking at!  You see, most people get to hear what you are saying, I get to "see" what you saying!  This is what makes The Attractive Thinker coaching programs, products, and services unique!  When I was 19 years old, I experienced a defining moment in my life!  My 10-month old son was diagnosed with cancer of the retina in both of his eyes, Bilateral Retinoblastoma.  By the time he was 5 years old, the decision was made to remove both of his eyes in order to save his life.  It wasn’t until he became a grown man that "the vision" became crystal clear to me. I remember seeing image after image after image until I ended up in what appeared to be a junk yard. I was walking through piles of stuff that I could not recognize.  I couldn’t make sense of anything.  But, there was something in the rubble that caught my eye. There were shiny objects all throughout the rubble.  There were so many, that it was impossible to capture them all. They were jewels!  There were many of them. The piles were all over the place and a lot of them were taller than me. The piles represented my journey and the jewels represented my substance, my gifts that I was supposed to share with the world. You see, I had come out of a life-altering experience yet still seeking the purpose for my life! I had left my purpose in my journey. As a result of showing my son how to see without eyes, it enabled me to show people with eyes how to see… how to see properly in life! I began to understand clearly why Attractive Thinkers go throughout life starting/stopping, believing/not believing, hesitating/going through life with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas, and talking themselves out of the very thing that they pray for, because they don’t see it clearly!  If you’ve read through this website this far, it’s your time Attractive Thinker.  You were drawn to this page.  I showed up in your life to support you in seeing beyond what you are looking at so that you can finally make sense of your own experiences and use them to create more meaning and purposeful fulfillment in your life!


     Congratulations Attractive Thinker for making it to this page! I know it’s been a long journey and you've been through a lot.  Guess what?! You've made to this point in your life and this is your defining moment!  Your moment of clarity and another level of awareness!  Now that you're awake and you're beginning to see things more clearly, there are two things that must be present  in your life, support from a coach or mentor and support from a positive circle of influence!  Support from a coach or mentor is necessary because most people struggle with their vision because no one in their family has ever gone where they desire to go and they don’t have anyone to model it before them.  ...and, yes, your circle does influence you!  They either pull you back to where you were, keep you where you are, or launch you forward!


     Here at The Attractive Thinker, we’ve created resources to support you in developing a new way of thinking, a new set of beliefs, and new action steps that create new results! With support from a coach and a positive circle of influence, Attractive Thinkers are going further, faster. Ideas are resurfacing, strength, courage, and perseverance is keeping them inspired, motivated, and excited about rediscovering who they truly are, understanding their true worth and power, and knowing that they aren’t crazy, that their ideas are valid, and that they just needed support and the proper tools to position themselves to create the true desires of their heart!


     I know that you are afraid to take that next step into the unfamiliar!  You may have never had a coach before or had people in your circle of influence who believe in you, support you, stretch you, and pull you into the manifestation of your own vision.  But, in order to get what you've never had, you must do what you've never done.  Everything that you currently desire is outside of what you're currently doing!  You are the change agent in your life, Attractive Thinker!  If you don't move, nothing moves.  If the only thing changing in your life from one year to the next is your age, then it's your time to connect with The Attractive Thinker! Your soul is seeking to fully express itself. Most people are showing up in life everyday thinking someone else's thoughts and ideas and holding a muzzle on the true expression of their souls. They lay down at night, it's there. They rise the next day, it's there. All throughout the day their soul is crying out for full expression.  Even people close to them don't know the true desires of their hearts because they've silenced the voice of their own soul. Shhhh! Not right now!  Shhhh!  I can't pursue that right now!  Shhhh!  Maybe next year! Shhhh!  That dream is too big!  Shhhh!  I don't know enough to do that!  Shhhh!


     It's time to answer your soul's calling, Attractive Thinker!  You are more than what you have become.  Believe in yourself again.  Trust yourself again.  You're all that you've got and if you lose your soul's voice, you've lost everything!  You deserve it.  You're good enough and you were born worthy!  It's time to write your book, start your business, fulfill your dreams, and reach your goals!


     I encourage you to walk with me through this website!  It was created just for you. If you’re tired of the mediocre, mundane, routine of life and you know in your heart that you were created to be, do, and have so much more, contact our office and schedule your 30-minute complimentary Vision Consultation today! All day long, most people give themselves away and at the end of the day, they don’t recognize themselves or their lives!  You’re worth the time that you set aside just for you!  I look forward to supporting you in bringing clarity to your ideas/goals, bringing them into focus, and providing direction and next steps!


~Think Attractively!


Are you at a point in your life whereas you are crystal clear that something has to change? Even if you don't know what has to change, I celebrate you Attractive Thinker for first acknowledging that "something" has to change! Now, are you ready to "be" that change agent in your own life? Do you know that change begins with you? If you do nothing different, that same comfortable cycle that's playing automatically on "repeat", will continue to create the very thing that you desire to change! End that cycle and take the next step by CLICKING HERE! I'll see you soon!


Can You Feel a Shift Happening In Your Life?  Do You Feel Like You're Waking Up and Becoming More Aware?  It’s Your Time, Attractive Thinker!  ...For Your Visions, Dreams, & Goals to Become Your Reality! 

After the workshop, the conference, and the seminar is over, how do you take what you've heard and apply it to your life?  
Get your copy of Don't Be Afraid: He's Preparing You! Book/Workbook so that you become what you desire to acquire!

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My Life's Work Is To Make Your Life Better!

 Remember,  "It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!"

  ~Think Attractively!